Custom vision solutions

AI systems contribute towards improving productivity, reducing resource requirements and generally creating value. Let us unleash the potential of artificial intelligence for your business. Whether you want to measure product quality, detect and classify specific objects or monitor a sensitive area, our AI modules are flexible, fast to adapt and reliable. Our modules can easily be integrated into systems for:

  • Image- and video-based classification
  • Detection, segmentation and tracking of objects
  • Anomaly and event detection

Coming from diverse backgrounds, our team combines fast reaction times, industrial experience and state-of-the-art research. Beyond computer vision, our engineers are experienced in time series analysis, data reduction and visualization.

Deep vision solutions
  • Image- and video-based classification systems
  • Detection, segmentation and tracking of objects in videos
  • Anomaly and event detection systems
  • Automated video- and content-analysis
Our areas of expertise:
  • Smart city applications (Smart traffic analysis, IoT for smart buildings,  …)
  • Security and Safety  (Monitoring and Surveillance, intrusion detection, …)
  • Industrial processes (Manufacturing, quality control, …)
  • Health and bio-signal processing
  • Many other areas …

We help you find the best solutions for your business.